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On Line Services

Website Design

It is our goal to create a design that will enhance your company image and one that will work together with your other promotional materials. To create an image...not simply a web presence. Appearance is everything!  


Handouts takes the uncertainty out of hosting - and puts service, performance and value back in. No matter which hosting type or plan you choose, your site receives 24/7 maintenance and protection in our world-class data center. You will always get the expert, friendly service you deserve.

Social Media
We can help grow your brand through social media with ad campaigns and customized content, while maintaining your consistent brand message. We will tell your story, drive brand engagement, generate results and grow revenue through localized Facebook and Instagram ads. Call us to learn more.

Email Marketing

One of the best way to engage with your customers and  potential customers is through email marketing. Don't know where to start, Handouts recommends Get Response for email marketing. We have used them for many years with great results. You can also add Autofunnels (see link)  through Get Response and set up auto responders to reply to every step of the email or online sales process. Confused... we can take care of your email marketing for you or set up the plan and you can implement it.

Don't loose another opportunity to get the sale or keep your customer engaged!

Mobile Websites

We can make sure your website is mobile friendly. When a user types in the URL of your regular website on their phone, they should be automatically redirected to your mobile site!